We help the African Flower Growers to Increase Yields While Conserving Water, Soil and the Eco Systems

Leading supplier of Coco Peat an organic fertiliser, a soil supplement that can help increase yields.

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How Coco Peat Can Help

1. Water Efficiency

Reduce water supply by 40% and conserve water, coco peat blocks expand 5 times holds water 7 times.

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2. Nutrient Supply

Coco peat helps Periodical discharge of nutrients helps uniform plant growth and thus less maintenance.

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3. High Quality Rose

Efficient growing helps increase the yield, so you get better quality and quantity. This means more profits

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Why Choose Boyce Agro?

One of the world's largest exporter of Coco Peat
  • We are ambitious
  • Major flower farms in South Africa and Kenya use our Coco Peat
  • We provide growing solutions, expertise to local flower growers
  • Sell organic fertiliser coco peat that helps conserve water and soil



CuteLine Africa Limited
(Roses - T-Hybrids, Sweethearts)

Boyce Agro continues to have a high interest in growing medium quality because they are enthusiastic and customer friendly. Boyce Agro’s commitment is appreciated.
We recommend

GoldCut Horticulture Limited (Gypsophilla, Gemini, Oriental lilies)

Boyce Agro Supplies organic fertiliser made of coconut fibres We are seeing increase in plant growth and quality of flowers. Every flower grower must consider using.
We recommend

Sunrise Harvests Limited
(Hypericum, Eryngium, Agapanthus)

We contacted Boyce through our consultant in France, we mix coco peat to the soil. we see decrease in use of water and the quality of yield has gone by substantially.
We recommend

Leading exporter of Coco Peat from India, Srilanka and Vietnam to flower farms of South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and other countries inside Africa