Coco peat- An organic soil substitute that can used for increasing plant growth, boosting yield and quality of the flowers

Boyce - A leading supplier of Coco Peat to the flower growers in Africa

Why use Coco Peat as an organic fertiliser?

Nutrient substrate for plants yielding to high quality and more production

we have made significant progress in Europe. Take horticulture Industry in Holland, for example. Between 2000 and 2015, productivity increased by 41 percent. Soil loss for each bushel of flower grown has been cut by 69 percent since 2000. watering has decreased 40 percent.

More Flowers. Less water

Helping flower growers in Africa to increase water efficiency

Is it possible to grow more flowers without using more inputs like chemicals and water, and without needing much of expertise? We believe it’s not only possible, it’s critical if we’re going to protect our farms for a profitable future that competes with global flower growers

Coco Peat for Rose Growers

High yielding farms use Coco Peat

Highly yielding Rose growers in Africa have been cultivating roses with the help of Coco Peat which is suitable and sustainable for rose growth as it is an organic coconut substrate and natural fertiliser. As it acts as a great moisture absorber less water and fertilizers are thus needed for greater yield. So, if you are looking for high yielding rose farm consider using coco peat with soil and increase your yield by 20% right away.

Increasing the productivity of the African Flower and Horticulture Industry by 20%
without using more land, water or inputs